Polymer 1.0 released

What is polymer?

Polymer is a library that helps you build elements and apps out of web components. Web Components are a cutting edge set of new standards that allow developers to extend the HTML vocabulary with their own custom elements. Because Web Components are designed to be a new primitive for the browser, it means that they’re very...

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Advanced layouts with flexbox


The defining aspect of the flexbox is the ability to alter its items, width and/or height to best fill the available space on any display device. A flex container expands its items to fill the available free space, or shrinks them to prevent overflow.

Problems with float layout

  • Difficulty with containement - If our site has some unpredictable...
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Sass Styleguide

We are now using css pre-processors [sass/less/styl] in almost all the projects, thus it would be better if we follow some guideline so that our code is consistent and maintainable.

Take this as a sass style guide but you need to follow css style guide as well, which we are following already. - Be consistent with indentation - Be consistent...

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General CSS notes, advice and guidelines

In working on large, long running projects , it is important that we all work in a unified way in order to, among other things: - Keep stylesheets maintainable - Keep code transparent and readable - Keep stylesheets scalable

There are a variety of techniques we must employ in order to satisfy these goals.

CSS Document Anatomy

No matter the...

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Steps to becoming a FrontEnd Developer

There are a few things you have to know in order to be a FrontEnd Developer. Where to start and what to learn. This guide will take you through the steps of becoming a FrontEnd Developer.

First things first

Before we start seeing stuff on the screen, we have to make something out of nothing. We start at the basics...

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